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In order to achieve the objectives set out in the Chair, both parties agree to carry out the following activities:

Training activities

  • Cooperation in training programs.
  • Conferences and seminars.
  • Support to the realization of doctoral theses (awards to the best thesis in the area of intellectual property).

Knowledge diffusion and transfer activities

  • Organization of technical and technological conferences
  • Performance of studies and work
  • Publications on topics of interest to the Chair
  • Mutual advice in matters related to the activity of both entities
  • As many others are considered to be of mutual interest, within the availability of the parts and activities that constitute the object of the Chair

Entries to "Researches and Publications"

Divided research groups have been created within the Forums:

  • Foro IT (Technological Intelligence in the university environment)
  • Forum Content (content management at university level)
  • Legal Forum (special legal aspects in the university field)
  • Forum Transfer (Commercialization and transfer of technology, knowledge and content in the university environment)

Fruit of it is the consolidation of a collection of publications and research on topics of interest of these subjects.


Technology Watch Bulletin: Biometrics

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