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It is necessary to include a first layer with information about the use of cookers that must be provided to users the first time they access the website or when they access in incognito mode or when they have eliminated the cookies from their browser.

The first layer is incorporated either at the bottom of the page or at the top as a pop up.


The information must be provided in layers. The first layer has to contain the following text:

The UPM ClarkeModet Chair uses cookies required for browsing and analytics. If you continue browsing, we understand that you accept the installation of all the cookies. You can configure the cookies or reject them in your browser options. Further information can be found in the cookies policy.


The second layer contains extensive information about the use of cookies. This text must be provided in a link on the home page that is called “Cookies Policy”, just like the Legal Notice and Privacy Policy.

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Privacy Policy – Legal Notice – Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

When you visit catedraupmclarkemodet, the Website managers, UPM, and ClarkeModet can collect personal data corresponding to the IP address through cookies. To know the identity of the manager, you may access the Legal Notice or Privacy Policy.

A cookie is a small text file that a server can place in a computer hard drive in the browser, Tablet, mobile telephone or device used for browsing on the Internet. It contains information about the user visiting the Website, his or her browsing preferences, the information the visitor is most interested in, language, etc. 

A user can configure cookies in his or her browser options. If the user continues browsing without taking any action, he or she has accepted the installation of cookies, as provided in the information in the first layer panel. We recommend accepting the cookies as they do not invade user privacy and provide relevant information to continue offering quality content.

Depending on their type, cookies can be classified as:

Session Cookies and Permanent Cookies: Session Cookies are deleted when the browser is closed, while Permanent Cookies remain in the device.

Own Cookies and Third-party Cookies: depending on whether they belong to the website owner or to a third party.

Cookies can be used to collect specific information while visiting the Website. The purpose of using Cookies is to improve browsing and functionality conditions, because this information can help managers assure that the Website and services adapt to user preferences and needs as much as possible.

Third-party Cookies: in this case, managers can install third-party cookies to offer you information that we consider to be of interest when browsing. The use of third-party cookies usually refers to GOOGLE analytics cookies that provide the Chair with anonymous information about the number of website accesses, the time the user spends on the website, as well as other statistical data. Furthermore, for videos to work property and for interacting on social media, it is necessary to implement certain cookies that will be used by third parties for these purposes. 

Cookies required for browsing: Installing this type of cookies is required for browsing and to provide the Chair with information required under the law, such as the fact that the data owner has accepted or rejected the Cookies Policy. 

Furthermore, based on the aforementioned configuration, you can configure your Internet browser so that it notifies you every time a new cookie is stored in the computer, that way you can decide whether to accept or reject it. Bear in mind that some parts of the Website may not work properly if you reject the cookies.

You can allow, learn about, block, or delete the cookies installed in your equipment by configuring the installed browser options.

The links below provide information on how to do this for example if you use the following browsers:

Microsoft Internet Explorer: in the menu option Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Configuration. To learn more go to:

Firefox: in the menu option Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookies. To learn more go to:

Chrome: in the section Options > Advanced Options > Privacy. To learn more go to:

Opera: you can configure the browser in the Security and Privacy option. To learn more go to 

Safari: you can configure the browser in the option Preferences > Security or Privacy. To learn more go to:

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