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Identity of the processing controllers

ClarkeModet, a company incorporated under the laws of Spain as Clarke, Modet y Cía. S.L., hereinafter Clarke, Modet & Cº 

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C/ Suero de Quiñones, 34-36, 28002 MADRID, 
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Registered in the Companies Registry of Madrid, Volume 16695, Book 0, Page 96, Section 8, Sheet M-284972, Entry 1.


Rectorado Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Edif. A.- Calle Ramiro de Maeztu, 7, 28040
Tax ID Code Q2818015F 

In compliance with the applicable data protection legislation, the data processing performed by the UPM ClarkeModet Chair will be described below:

The UPM ClarkeModet Chair is not an independent legal entity. Therefore, the Chair managers, and accordingly, the personal data processing controllers are both UPM and ClarkeModet

Personal data corresponding to users who have registered in an event

If you have provided your data to register for an event organized by the Chair, you are hereby informed that your data will be used by ClarkeModet and UPM to manage and organize the corresponding event. The authorization to do so in this case is your consent given when you register for our events, which is a necessary condition for you to participate. However, the Chair may also inform you of other events it organizes, as explained below. In this case, authorization to do so is the legitimate interest you have shown.

We also inform you that if you attend any event, all or part of it may be broadcast, photographed, or filmed. Therefore, as an attendee you may appear in any of the aforementioned media. The Chair may use these images and contents on its website, social media, or any other similar media. If you do not want to appear in these materials, we advise you to avoid being filmed or photographed and, in any event, to notify us of any video or photograph in which you can be seen so that we can delete it as soon as possible should this be your desire.

Marketing and mailings by the Chair

As mentioned above, because of your attendance to an event, the Chair will inform you of other events it may organize based on legitimate interest. You may unsubscribe at any time from these mailings by writing to or in the actual mailing itself.

Chair Contacts

If you have received any information from any member of the Chair, we hereby inform you that your contact data are processed for the sole purpose of informing you of the Chair’s activity given that we consider you to be interested in our activity. Your data will not be processed for sending commercial information, rather only to know if you are interested in our activity. We will send you information about the activity through an informative mailing only if you have requested it or if you have registered for an event.

Use of data for the commercial purposes of ClarkeModet

ClarkeModet may send you information about its activity if you have marked the corresponding box on the information delivery acceptance form in connection with the activity of ClarkeModet. For further information about commercial mailings of ClarkeModet, please see the Privacy Policy.

Use of data for statistical purposes and survey requests

If you have participated in any event, the Chair may ask you to complete an evaluation survey. This information will be used so that we can continue to improve our events and the services of the Chair. You may also be asked to provide additional information in said questionnaires, and you are free to accept or rejecting providing such information. Furthermore, you may be asked if you would like to receive information about the activity of ClarkeModet in addition to the activity of the Chair.

Communication of data

The Chair will not communicate personal data to third parties unless such communication is required for providing the service. For example, in order to organize an event and as an attendee, it may sometimes be necessary for your data to be disclosed to third parties participating in the event or to other third parties responsible for controlling access to physical locations where the events are held for security purposes.

In compliance with its legal obligations, the Chair may likewise communicate personal data to official and other entities where said disclosure is required to comply with the legislation in force.

Authorization of the processing

The legal basis for authorizing data processing is the consent given at the time and, by default, legitimate interest in issues relating to mailings in connection with the activities of the Chair, as well as for the initial contacts to learn about the activity of the Chair. 

In any event, the owner can object to the data processing at any time through the procedure indicated in this policy.

Data maintenance and storage

The Chair will store the data that is provided for as long as the contractual relationship that led to its processing lasts or for the years required to comply with legal obligations, to meet the responsibilities that may arise from this, and as long as the recipient does not exercise his or her right to erasure or object to the processing.

In the case of information sent in connection with the activity of the Chair, that is, mailings, the data will be maintained as long as the user does not revoke his or her consent, object to the processing of his or her data, or request the deletion thereof.

Exercise of rights common to all personal data

The owner has the rights of access, rectification, erasure, objection, and restriction with respect to the processing and portability, and to lodge complaints to which said owner is entitled by addressing the corresponding control authority. To exercise such rights, the owner may send a communication: 

To the physical address:


Rectorado Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Edif. A.- Calle Ramiro de Maeztu, 7, 28040
Tax ID Code Q2818015F 

Duty to secrecy with respect to the processing of your data

UPM and ClarkeModet consider that information confidentiality is absolute necessary for providing services. Therefore, the persons involved in processing client information, and therefore also that information relating to the data concerning natural parsons, and who directly or indirectly access the data, shall at all times respect the secrecy regarding any personal data with which they come into contact to perform the activity. 

The duty to secrecy constitutes an obligation for both controllers, the members of the boards of administration and management, the persons contracted under the Labor Law, and professionals providing contracted services under Commercial Law. It is also an obligation for the providers of goods and services and their employees, Processors and their employees, as well as those who are contracted by the Processors and their employees. 

The obligation of secrecy shall continue to exist after the labor or commercial relationship has ended established with the Chair, the Manager of the Files, and after employment contracts, commercial contracts, etc., binding employees and/or professionals to the Processor and the providers of goods or services to the Group have expired.

Data security

Clarke, Modet & Cº and UPM have implemented in their respective work centers, premises, systems, communication infrastructures, etc., those security measures required under the personal data protection regulation. Each party has also adopted the logic, physical, organizational, contractual measures, etc., preventing unauthorized third party access to, destruction, modification, reproduction, disclosure, transmission, or reuse of said data.

Nonetheless, any time you furnish personal information on the Internet, there is a risk that is not under our control of third parties intercepting and using such information. Even though we endeavor at Clarke, Modet & Cº and UPM, to protect personal information and its privacy, we cannot guarantee the security of the information you disclose on the Internet and under your responsibility.

Effectiveness and modification of the Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy shall be in force from the date of its publication on the corresponding website. The user may file and/or reproduce this policy. The Chair is authorized to modify and inform the user of its Privacy Policy.

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